Mandatory II Water Rationing

The PCSUD Board of Directors voted to enter Stage II of the District's Drought Contingency and Emergency Water Demand Management Plan due to 1) the water consumption reaching at least 90 percent of the amount available for three consecutive days and 2) the water level in any of the water storage tanks cannot be replenished for three consecutive days.

With the Treatment Plant already at capacity, the lack of rain, and the District using more than our contract allows from City of Mineral Wells, the District is having issues keeping the storage tanks full due to the excessive water usage. Also, to facilitate the plant upgrades, the plant will need to be shut down several times in the upcoming months. With the added stress to keep the storage tanks full at the pump stations, we are beginning to see failures of key components that keep the water flowing. Some of the components we are needing to replace are on back order for months. 

Stage II is defined as moderate drought conditions and prohibits all irrigation of landscaped areas and outside water use, except for livestock variances.

The Goal is to achieve a 25% reduction in total use.

See Mandatory Stage II letter on the district's website for more information.